"Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice, and intellectual pursuits." 


To preach and teach the Word of God through Evangelism and Christian love, reaching beyond the walls of the church into our community; in an effort to holistically empower non-believers to seek the knowledge of Christ and believers to seek the full understanding of Salvation.

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As of its goals, Prayer Tower strives to reach as many souls as humanly possible through the gospel of the Jesus Christ with love, sharing, and caring. It is the endeavor of the church to reach the suffering, the lost, and those who feel the need to become a stronger member of the body of Christ. 


Led by the Holy Spirit, a small group of individuals; who with faith in God and prayer as their divine guidance...  had a vision. of their faith in God. Later this vision materialized as a small plot of land that would someday stand as a memorial In the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and eighteen, six people; Elder & Sister C. Harris, Brother and Sister Tom Wheeler, Deacon and Sister Wiggins purchased a small plot of land on the corner of 14th Street and Fourth Avenue South in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Georgia Gibson. These saints proceeded to build a little wooden church, 14th Street Church of God in Christ. In the process, Pastor Elder C. Harris; fell ill and went on to be with the Lord. Determined to carry out God’s work, these old patriots completed their temple of worship.Working along with the founders was Mother Eugenia Gibson, and her husband Amos Gibson and daughter, 



Throughout the years, 14th Street Church of God in Christ continued to grow and prosper under the auspices of such men of God as Elder Barr, Elder Smith, Elder Nettles, Bishop E. V. Johnson, and the late Senior Pastor, Superintendent (Elder) Clarence Welch. Under the pasturage of Bishop Johnson, the old wooden church was renovated. In 1964, he appointed Elder Clarence Welch as PUnder the leadership of Elder Welch and the anointing of God, many great and wonderful works have been accomplished.astor. Elder Welch was led of the Lord to change the name of the church to Prayer Tower Church of God in Christ. Such accomplishments include the addition of a multi-purpose building to the14th Street Church of God in Christ and interior redecoration.


More important than the physical accomplishments is the fact that souls have been and are still being saved and dedicated to God’s work. 
Prayer Tower COGIC represents the oldest Pentecostal Church in the Tampa Bay area and is the Mother Church for the Church of God in Christ in Saint Petersburg, Florida. For these and all other blessings, we declare the Glory of God. With the growth of the city’s downtown area, relocation of the church was necessary and a new edifice was totally reconstructed. On March 25,1984, dedication services were held at the newly reconstructed Prayer Tower Church of God in Christ located at 1137 37th Street South
Saint Petersburg, Florida.


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